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Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction

2NDGEAR is certified in data destruction, both on-site and off-site, including data sanitization and data wiping—ensuring destruction of sensitive data and hardware, as necessary.

You can put your trust in our system, which employs the standards used by the Department of Defense, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


 Data Wiping

Using various levels of data wiping, information is securely removed from any storage medium. With a 1-Pass Wipe method, data is prevented from being read from the medium again if using standard system functions. For higher levels of data removal, DOD Level 3 and DOD Level 7 Wipes use an overwriting method which counters data remnants to clear out information.

Data Destruction Methods

Method Comment
1-PASS WIPE Writes the same data in every storage sector as a pattern of all zeros. At a minimum, this will prevent the data from being retrieved simply by reading from the medium again using  standard system functions. This is the quickest method. It performs a single pass on the selected partition or drive and zeroes out all sectors.
DOD LEVEL 3 WIPE A method used to counter data remnants by overwriting the storage medium with new data three times over. This is often called wiping a file or disk. Implemented by software alone, and able to selectively target only part of the medium. Overwriting is an acceptable method of clearing, as long as the media is writable and not damaged.
DOD LEVEL 7 WIPE This process is identical to the DOD Level 3 Wipe, however, it is more than twice as thorough – repeating the wiping process seven times as the name indicates.
CRUSH 2NDGEAR uses the Garner PD-4 Hard Drive Crusher to inflict irreparable damage to the hard drive, rendering stored files totally unobtainable. A steady crushing motion focuses 12,000 lbs of force that literally destroys the internal disk. The crushing mechanism delivers catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis itself, destroying the internal platter and all retrievable files and folders by performing a downward thrust that safely punches through the chassis guaranteeing the internal hard disk will never “spin” again. This process complies with recent security and privacy mandates requiring complete destruction of media containing private and confidential information prior to its disposal.
SHRED 2NDGEAR utilizes an industrial shredder to chop, mince, and shred hard drives and other data storage devices into tiny, inaccessible fragments. Using a grinding device that physically demolishes the platters of a hard disk to ensure that their content can never be recovered, this device’s special saw tooth and hook cutters automatically draw the material to be destroyed into the shredding area of the machine for complete destruction. If very small shreds are desired, the shredded material can be fed into the machine as many times as required to reach the desired final particle size for the destroyed materials.

Certified Destruction

All data received into our chain-of-custody will be entered into an electronic inventory using a bar code system. Upon completion, we use this inventory list to create a Certificate of Destruction, which serves as your official record of all data and documents that were destroyed.


Every customer has unique data destruction needs and 2NDGEAR can handle the requirements of small to large organizations. We offer a full line of data wiping services on various product types and brands. 2NDGEAR can perform the data destruction services at our Technology Center in Garden Grove, California, or on-site at the customer facility. This minimizes the chain-of-custody during the process.


Our 46,000 sq. ft. Technology Center is equipped with a video surveillance system that increases the security of your materials while they are being stored and processed at our facility. We can also provide video documentation of the destruction process or have a representative be a witness on site.


To ensure the safety of all customer data and electronic equipment during transportation to our Technology Center, 2NDGEAR has partnered with Federal Express Secure Transportation. This partnership allows us to ensure the safety of all contents being shipped, as well as discount the cost of shipping and pass the savings on to you!


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